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The site SBTSYSTEMS.COM provides information about company’s services, contact information, special offers, etc.

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We have made every effort to provide accurate information on this web site, but we reserve the right to make changes without notice in the list of services provided, scope of services.


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LLC “SBT Systems” has made every effort to provide accurate, reliable, up to date information on this web-site, but at the same time guarantee the accuracy of such information is not available. LLC “SBT Systems” is not responsible for the accuracy, completeness or reliability of any information provided on this website. SBTSYSTEMS.COM site and all information and materials contained on it available to users in the form in which they are, without any warranties or reservations, express or implied. If the LLC “SBT Systems” will be informed of inaccuracies in the material published on this site, every effort will be to fix them as soon as possible.
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Changing the rules

LLC “SBT Systems” reserves the right to periodically make changes and additions to these terms and conditions, depending on own needs. We ask you from time to time to visit this page to keep track of changes.