Liberalisation of processes in the matter of the state registration of legal entities and individual-entrepreneurs

25.11.2016 12:13 Legal

On January 01, 2016 new version of the Law of Ukraine “On State Registration of Legal Entities, Individual-Entrepreneurs and Public Formations” came into force.

The purpose of changes – reformation of the system of administrative services in the matter of state registration and assurance of its openness and transparency, cooperativeness and promptness, rational minimization of number of documents and procedural actions.

Indisputable advantage of the changes is the regulation of legal relations in a single law, which arise in the matter of state registration of legal entities (brand marks of legal entities),  as well as public formations, which don’t have a status of a legal entity, and individual-entrepreneurs, foreign representatives and other.

The progressive is also the implementation of portal of electronic services and personal account of a legal entity and individual-entrepreneur. At the present moment the portal is at the stage of pilot operation, but its full implementation will allow making the process of state registration electronically, and the status of application consideration will be tracked in real-time mode.

As to administrative fee for the registrations actions, it is increased since 01.01.2016. The amount of such fee is established in percentage terms to a minimal salary and at the present day the fee for the registration and introducing the changes amounts to:

–     for a foreign representative office – 385,84 UAH. ($14)

–     for a legal entity – 413,40 ($15)

–     for an individual-entrepreneur – 137,80 ($5)

Provided that, the fee will decrease 25% from the fixed fee for the submission of the documents in electronic form.

Consideration of the documents submitted for the state registration and execution of other registration actions in relation to the legal entities and individual-entrepreneurs, is performed during 24 hours, but accelerated registration during 6 or even 2 hours is also possible. For the accelerated registration the twofold or fivefold fee will be charged respectively.

It is obvious that the changes are quietly positive and promising and it is good to believe that they will be so not only in theory but in practice as well.