Start office in Ukraine: challenge or a simple task?

25.11.2016 12:25 Opening office in Ukraine

Every 4 years Ukrainian IT-market is growing twice in size. The forecasts of experts for the near future predict doubling in size by the year of 2020. Many international companies have already decided to enter Ukrainian IT-market. Being experienced in opening of the offices of foreign clients, BPO Company SBT Systems Ukraine gives 4 main pieces of advice.

  1. Establish the scale of your task

Ukraine has its own rules on amount of space per employee in a commercial company. Based on the number of employees who will work in the company, the amount of square meters of a desired facility is to be determined. Ideal space is 8 square meters per employee.
Taking into account the scarcity of office buildings in major cities of the country, the sooner a foreign company enters Ukrainian market, the more likely it will find a high-quality office space. Experts predict that by 2020 around 150 thousand specialists will be working in Ukrainian IT-industry, which means that the deficit for office real estate will continue to grow. Property developers are ready to help out with the situation and promise to be actively constructing business buildings over the next 5 years.

  1. Analyze the basic requirements of your business

Most of SBT Systems customers are companies which have from several hundred to several thousand people hired. Despite the acute scarcity of vast business areas in Ukraine, with the correct approach, it is still possible to find the room. It can be a building in the business center in the city, as well as out of the city: refitting the premises of the former state-owned enterprises or the construction of your own office building. But the range of the buildings suggested is based on customer requirements for the technical equipment of the building and general criteria which result from the specifics of work in the field of IT.

The list of basic requirements of customers are the presence of  constant power supply, powerful air conditioning system, availability of secure and large space for server rooms. Safety Security of a facility is also one of the important requirements. What we have to remember is that some companies need to have 24/7 access to the offices and not all business centers in Ukraine have such an option.

  1. Establish the requirements for infrastructure of your office building

From our experience, IT-companies have specific demands on infrastructure facilities.

Taking into consideration the irregular working schedule of IT -specialists (they work with clients from different time zones), the IT-company’s headquarters should be comfortable not only to work in, but also provide the possibility to eat, do sports and recreation activities throughout the day. Ukraine follows the path of the world’s most innovative practices. In Lviv, for example, they are building “working town” which has office centers, hotels, sport center, conference hall, supermarket and residential houses for employees. The majority of Ukrainian IT- offices have cafés equipped with its own kitchens, gyms, showers, recreation areas, and watched car and bicycle parking.
If a company decides to open an office away from the subway station, they need to take care of shuttle buses which will transport employees.

  1. Contractual relations: invite consultants

For foreign companies, legislation of Ukraine is quite difficult to understand. When signing the lease contract a lot of factors must be taken into account: which company is responsible for the maintenance of office space, parking and cafes and for transporting employees from stops of public transportation etc. Moreover, there are plenty of opportunities to optimize premises rental costs which are absolutely legal, but hidden from the surface. Therefore, the SBT Systems Ukraine, as partners and consultants, help their clients avoid potential risks when signing the contract and save money in the long run.

In Ukraine, you have to entrust opening of the office to professionals

Taking into account local specific features, a foreign company may face many challenges while opening its office. The solution to most problems requires an investment of time and money. If the company prefers to invest them in their business development, it’s better to leave the entire process of the office opening to professionals – SBT Systems Ukraine. In a short time you will receive several offers on space and budget, which will enable you to make the right decision. SBT Systems Ukraine Consultants will also accompany you during the process of signing of the contract and will provide you with the best conditions possible.